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Aug 30, 2019
- what's the best way to get a rank in-game without being p2w? (ik it's rare and won't be easy)
- whats the best thing to save up shards for?
- what enchants should I focus on for my pick?
- I want to know every single way to obtain bandit/goldy scrolls
- whats to most efficient way of getting xp?
- and what is pickaxe dust, armor dust, etc for? and how do they work?


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Jun 26, 2019
-Really just saving enough in game money and buying it off of someone, like Luna for example, but she drives a hard bargain so it might be more lol. Relying on crates wont do much because its EXTREMELY rare.
-Compressed mystic shards I guess, but then again the trader is kinda weird in my opinion, but It might be fixed or something.
-I have an order that I assume is the most efficient, so here is the order you do enchants from: 1. Cosmetic Enchants (ex. Night Vision and Undroppable, get these out of the way) 2. Lucky Mining 3. Explosive 4. Investments 5. Incremental 6. Bless. | Fortune is optional, since enchanting it is pointless because of incremental and the prices are weird, but if you really want to, you can.
-Here is a few. Getting random cluescrolls by getting 60 levels of XP via /cluescroll, yes you do ask how to get XP, i'll explain when I get there. But, keep in mind its harder to get a random Bandit quest and even more rare to get a Godly. Attending events and opening monthly crates can get you Godlies. But, I think the best way is to simply buy it off of people, they're worth about 6.5T.
-Really there is only two good ways, which are opening crates and getting XP bottles, and mining at /warp xp, which is unlocked by completing the "Diamond in the Rough" quest in /quests. Both of them are pretty efficient.
-You get dust when you destroy a certain item in /warp well, there are 4 types of dust, Armor Dust, Pickaxe Dust, Tag Dust, and Scroll Dust. Once you crush an Armor Set, Pickaxe, Tag, or Scroll you get the dust and are able to use it at /warp market. There is a trader in the middle where you can trade the dust for a specific item that can be spent on main things, it usually takes around a stack or so to get that. Armor Dust has Armor Fragments, Pickaxe Dust has Pickaxe Handles, Tag Dust has Empty Tags, and Scroll Dust has Unwritten Scrolls. Once in bulk amounts, you can get a lot of good stuff out of it, like the Armor Dust's Unbreakable Armor set, and Tag Dust's Rare Tags.
I hope this answered your questions, and I hope you can succeed on BMC :)

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