Secret Santa on Bandit!

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Jun 22, 2019
Nowhere, I don't exist.

Today I would like to share my idea for Secret Santa (Inspired by AvianHass)
I'll be hosting a secret santa :D
How this works:
- I will not participate because I am the hoster
- There are 5 tiers of gifts.
- If you are giving a lower tier gift, I'll match you with a higher tier gift based on your playtime and blocks mined.
- If you are giving a higher tier gift, you'll be pared with a lower tier gift (to sponsor the theme of christmas, giving someone a present :D)
- You will either dm me on discord (Sickener#8364), in-game when I am online, or on the forums.
- When you do give your gift, you'll be pared with someone in the next 1-2 weeks, near christmas.
- When the time comes, I'll give you the person you are paired with and you will both open your gifts
- Tier 1: Not much. I would expect this from a no-rank who joined 1-2 days ago and has minimal stuff to give.
- Tier 2: Maybe from a player of no-rank to thief, who has joined the server for the first time within the week.
- Tier 3: From a player who has been playing for a little while, and has moderate loot to give out.
- Tier 4: From a player who has joined bandit around 1 month ago and is doing super well.
- Tier 5: From a player which has played for a very long time, more then ~15 days of playtime, and has mined more then 3m blocks. This is the highest tier of loot.
I hope you enjoy yourselves, and merry christmas to all!
P.S. You can also apply in a post using this format:
Tier gift:
(OPTIONAL) Why are you gifting other people?
What time are you available for me to come pick up your present?
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Jun 21, 2019
Sounds like a really cool concept :p
Won't be playing because I'm a broke boi but you know <3
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