My opinion on the new changes

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Jun 22, 2019
Nowhere, I don't exist.
I'm rating each feature (in my opinion) from 1-10.
1 = it sucks
10 = it's amazing, gamechanging
Shard BPs:
Highly requested, going to be VERY useful for key conversion. I rate this a 10/10 feature just because of how much easier it will be to store keys.
I honestly think that discord is the only way to get around staff like mods who own gangs and, well, could use intel from our chats to know some key factors in gang growth. I honestly think if you made a feature that mods couldn't spectate the party chat, and maybe only managers/devs/owner could see it (ones that are not playing banditmc) then that would be better. Anyways, i dont think it will be used much over discord, so i rate it a 2/10.
Gang Revamp:
Definitely a very hype thing, it's going to be exciting to see what this new plugin will feature. 8/10
I personally feel the ah type things should be used to auction off expensive items, such as maybe giftcards, for a high price. I honestly feel like you should also add a feature that lets people "order" an item, such as maybe a rank upgrade ink well, for a price. This may let people do well in buy low/sell high circumstances for profit. Though, theres not much expensive items in bandit that are in item form. 5/10
Rage and Airstrike:
yes. 10/10
Enchant Activation:
Not too useful, you already know you're getting those rewards because when mining you're just bored so you stare at chat anyways. 4/10
Enchant changes:
I don't know what the changes are, but it seems a little hype because the enchants are a little easy to get max, only takes like a week. 6/10
Legend Rank:
Basically a rank to state you beat the game. You can retire. 10/10
Rebirth colors:
9/10, not "gamechanging" but amazing.
Rebirth calculation:
It literally won't matter, people will rebirth at 100 anyways. 1/10
Should've just removed them, but i guess it's a solid 7/10.
Momentum auto-added to all pickaxes:
Reduces p2w. 8/10
Momentum saves progress thru crashing and restarts:
1000/10, best feature ever added to bmc no joke.
Momentum Music when ending:
8/10, i would just die sometimes when mining to 4 hour momentum and lose it.
Pausing momentum:
10 slash 10
Action bar for momentum:
Yay 9/10
Bottler trait:
Enchant bottles should honestly in my opinion, be sorta rare, maybe a stack of bandit keys gives you around a stack, and it gives a decent amount of xp per bottle, maybe like 2 mins of mining around? though, 8/10.
Trait LB:
Traits rarer:
10/10, changes the entire game for everyone.
7x multiplier:
1/10. 7x multiplier should stack with others, i don't see why not. It is made 1 minute for that reason, to add it to your multiplier to stack it. (Atleast i think so, if it's as rare as it is. I would only have like 3 of those 7x multiplier 1 minute things at any point.)
Synced blockbreaking enchants:
Ty, 9/10
Removal of quests:
2/10. I would still make more money doing those then mining (Alot more, for certain)
(Weird tip, but those quests would get done 100 times faster with the crafting quests if you just hit shift and q to drop it in lava instead of putting it in your inventory. Say you had 64 sticks and 2 stacks of diamonds and you needed to craft 500 diamond swords, you would just hit shift and q and like 10 of those dropping the sword would complete the quest.)
BP Removal:
Made early game P2W for max pick undoable. 10/10
New crate plugin and rewards:
10 slash out of slash 10 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Ghost balancing:
t3 made you 1 hour of mining instantly. 10/10
New chat reactions:
I honestly can't give a rating for this.
Mob arena removal:
It was the main way to grind skill points to max skill tree. 2/10, shouldve just nerfed the method.
Head Hunt:
Yes yes lemme turn on my xray, jk, 8/10.
Daily Reward Changes:
Okay, this is fair. We're still going to get extremely high multipliers though, those werent even the main culprit. 7/10
Envoy changes:
I thought envoy was fine, but i guess this is better, 7/10.
Dust prices:
Better have nerfed those and made it easier to obtain or ill shank ur cat
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Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
I forgot to mention that 7x multis are now 30 minutes each :)

I'm glad you like the majority of the changes though