Important Forum Rules - Revised: 6/20/19

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Jun 18, 2019
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BanditMC Official Forum Rules Thread

This thread covers all of the information regarding the rules and regulations for all forum activity. The rules are designed to maintain a fluid motion on the forums while simultaneously providing a fair, enjoyable, and clean environment for everyone. Violating the rules not only hurts those around you, it simultaneously hurts you.

Types of Punishments

As opposed to the standard punishments made in-game, the forums punishment system differs greatly. The forums system uses different terminology to

- Discouragement: When an account is discouraged, it is unable to access the forums as its corresponding IP is blocked. This punishment is typically issued in extreme cases.

- Warning points: Warning points are a measure of rule violation. Depending on the rule and its severity, the quantity of warning points issued to an account vary. If an account accumulates a certain amount of points, it will be suspended from the forums for a certain period of time.

- Thread deletion: Though threads are not always deleted for rule violation, it is a possibility rule violation(s) warrant(s) a thread to be removed. Again, not a common punishment, but is nonetheless a possibility of occurring.

Punishments for Meeting/Exceeding a Certain Amount of W.Ps

Given an account possesses a specific quantity of warning points on their record, they will be temporarily banned from the forums. This section covers each punishment and the amount of warning points to receive each ban.

- 10 warning points: 3 day ban
- 15 warning points: 1 week ban
- 20 warning points: 1 month ban
- 25 warning points: 3 month ban
- 30 warning points: Permanent Ban

Rule Violations

This section covers all of the official rules, each designated into a particular category based upon intrusiveness (how much the flow of the forums is restricted). Every category has their own consequences. These rules are not set in stone and are subject to be changed at any point.

Inconsequential - 1 Warning Point

- Necroposting: Responding to an outdated/unmaintained thread that is over 2 weeks old.
- Player/Staff Disrespect: Making a statement, regardless of whether or not it's a joke, towards another player that explicitly has the potential to cause harm, whether it is realized or not.

- Mini-Modding: Behaving in such a manner that reflects superiority, control, or impersonation towards others.
- Trolling: Acting in a deceiving/humorous way at the expense of others.
- Inappropriate content: Threads, messages, or posts reflecting explicit/inappropriate topics for younger audiences.
- Posting threads in incorrect sections: Self-explanatory.

Moderately Consequential - 3 Warning Points

- Hate Speech: Any remark, slur, or comment that either explicitly and/or implicitly discriminates towards a group and/or an individual.
- Spam: Any response, thread, or post that contains an abnormal amount of spam in any one of these categories: Character, word, message, conversation.
- Argument/Conflict Provocation: Any response, thread, or post that has the potential to spark unwanted/damaging conversation.
- Bullying/Harassment: Repetitive, abusive behavior towards an individual or group.

Consequential - 5 Warning Points

- Toxicity: Constant, negative behavior with the explicit intention to cause harm towards others.
- Security Infringement: Behavior that either questions/threatens privacy, anonymity, and/or security of others.
- Inappropriate photography: Photography present in threads, posts, or responses with explicit, inappropriate, and/or abusive imagery.

Drastic - Forums Discouragement

- Successful Hacking Attempts: Any attempt to compromise player information, threads, etc. by successfully possessing unauthorized permission or through other means.
- Explicit Advertising: Any blatant attempt to advertise websites, server IPs, etc.

Thank you for your continued compliance! Your obedience to the rules not only makes the jobs of staff easier, it helps your fellow Bandits enjoy the forums as well! :)

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