Back To School Event - 3 Level Treasure Hunt

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Last name counter, first name Benjamin
Jun 21, 2019
Greetings community of BanditMC!

Back To School Treasure Hunt Event!
Date TBD (near end of September)

What is this?
  • I am getting together a treasure hunt that will consist of 3 levels.
  • The levels will be 3 totally unique and diverse areas that will consist of hidden loot in chests.
  • Each level will have a time restriction until you can advance to the next level of the hunt.
  • The higher the level, the better the loot you can find. Each level will have 1 BIG item.
What do I ask of you?
  • I intend to make this event the best that I can, to the best of my ability.
  • I am looking for players to help donate items that can be used for the Hunt.
  • I accept all donations that are useful, if you want to donate money, tokens, or any other items, msg me and we can work out a voucher scenario.
  • If I can get a wide range of donations, I will be putting my items into the hunt as well so I can make this a very unique and fun event that will be very rewarding.
  • More info on my plot, if you wish to leave a sign on what you donated, it will be completed and posted on the wall of donations :D
Warp Info?
  • /p h hunt
  • Drop the items in any hopper and it will be collected, thank you for any and all donations 💖 !
I am going to make sure the time is AU friendly, as well as friendly to as many timezones as I can consider. This will be on a weekend.
Looking forward to this event very much! I hope I can make this very fun for you guys, and I hope most of all that you enjoy! Thank you, and see you soon :D
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