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  1. Jerru

    Important BanditMC Community Scavenger Hunt!

    Hi! I am hosting a community treasure/scavenger hunt (Saturday) and will take place at /warp event. Visit /p h treasure to donate items/other goods by throwing your donation into the hopper. For donations such as tokens, money or other valuables, ask me to sign a note to say that on the day...
  2. Jerru

    Forum Game: Word Disassociation

    The object of this game is to post a word that has no obvious connection to the previously posted word. For example: Grass Monitor Sky House I'll start: Brazilian
  3. Jerru

    Forum Game: Last One Standing

    Last Person to comment on this thread wins 1T, good luck. If nobody comments for 3 days, the last person wins. Post whatever you want but don't violate forum rules. Enjoy
  4. Jerru

    Question Best Thing About Bandit?

    Other than being on the same server as me, what do you think is the best thing about Bandit? I think the best thing is how Amit digs himself a hole in his plot so Harry doesn't slap him 5000 blocks away.
  5. Jerru


  6. Jerru

    Introduction About Me

    Yes my name is Jerry Coolest Jerry in Bandit, don't try me. Jerry is my /nick Jerru is my IGN uWu is a banned saying whilst in conversation with me *cough cough* Nepie
  7. Jerru

    GG on forums

    'nuff said